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Sunday, July 11, 2004


Tonight was pretty cool. Worked for 22 minutes at Fridays, before leaving and checking out Ruffino's for some slices. Got my pictures back from Maine A Mania, and they turned out great...even if a number of photos were taken without my knowledge.

Later in the night, i met up with Brad and Dan at the Spring House for some merry ale, and then had a beer or so with Eric after he finished work. Then we went down to the former Emersons, to check out the biker white trash wet tshirt contest. All of the girls were nasty, but a few took their t shirts up...so it wasnt too bad, but still left you with a sick feeling in your gut. BUT, i did see JOHN F'N DANKS, the greatest bartender of all time and that will ever be. Danks was the man when he tended bar there, making life in general worth living. Seems that he has a bar of his own now, so that will be the new destination. Afterwards, we went down to the Villa Nova, where Eric tried to get served to no avail. That served to piss Brad off, since he knew the bartender. It was a valiant try, but i understand why it pissed Brad off. Later i drove Brad home and we had a nice long conversation in the Compound driveway about life in general. One of those talks that afterwards, youre really glad you had.

Red Sox won tonight, and they seem to have gotten off the schnide that they were mired in. Still 6 games behind the Yanks, so they have work to do.

Am i wrong to think that Anna Heche is hot, even thought she's a butch dyke? OH well, not my problem, the FOOD ALONE IS WORTH THE TRIP!

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