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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Home sweet Hell

Got back to closing at Fridays again last night. Wasn't too bad, since i had a 3 day break. Close again today...i wonder if they are giving me the shaft by making me close all of the time.

Tomorrow, bright and early, im going back home to New Castle, PA for the first time in 5 years. Not my favorite town in the world, even though its where i was born and all of my relatives live there. I just hate the 5 hour ride cramped into a back seat. And i read that more people die there than any other county in the entire state of Pennsylvania. But Doink the Clown of World Wrestling Federation fame was born there, and Rodney King made his home there for a time. I do get to goto my cousin Kristy's highschool graduation party and everyone will be there so thats not bad.

Married...with Children:

Peg: Would you ever dance for me Al?
Al: Only at the end of a rope, baby.


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