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Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Stanley Cup is Must See TV

Good day. Day off, and i went over to the QVC interview and got that job. 9.40$ an hour, which is nice and i make my own schedule. I went out and spent money to get recordable CDs to burn music, but my damn cd rom drive appears to be broken. I tried it and it jammed up my entire computer, and wouldnt play normal music discs dammit. Work tomorrow, so ill miss Tampa kicking the Flyers out of the playoffs, fingers crossed.

Calgary won tonight and will play TAMPA or philadelphia in the Finals starting next week. Good for Canada and my money is on Jarome Iginla for the Conn Smythe. I told all that this would be the playoffs that would introduce Iginla into superstardom.

Jerry Orbach did his final Law & Order tonight and it was a good episode and they did a nice job of sending him off. But, i heard that Dennis Farina is going to replace him, which sucks. But he was good in Midnight Run.

I also downloaded the Da Vinci Code off Kazaa and it looks pretty interesting. Im on page 13 out of 383.

In yet another odd story...I felt an urge for a toasted bagel and creme cheese earlier tonight, but the toaster wouldn't work. It wouldnt work in any of the outlets in the kitchen, but the clock on the coffee maker was on, so i tried all of the outlets with no luck. So naturally, the only outlet it would work in in the whole house was the bathroom. So i fired it up and had a nice hot toasted bagel.

Current TV: Jay Leno
Current Canada: Tickled Pink(or Red)


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