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Friday, May 07, 2004

Inside this post...the Legend of the Sleeveless Adidas.

Its late night Thursday. Worked today and it was quite busy. But i have tomorrow off, so i imagine we will all take to the Fairview, and it will be good.

I've started drinking beer at home, which i've done a total of about 5 times. I get home from work, and since i never work until 4 or 5, i figure what the hell...hit up Dick Lynn's never ending supply of Coors Light and get loopy. Its not a good beer, or even a great beer, matter of fact it sucks and gives me a tremendous headache the next day, but its free. Since i've given up faith of ever making something of my life, alcholism seems like a great way to make a name for myself. Its either that or killing the President, but look what that did for Lee Harvey Oswald. Besides, being an alcoholic looks pretty funny in the movies and tv.

Tonight, we learned of the passing of a television insitution. The end of one of the greats. Two Wednesdays from now, Jerry Orbach ends his run on Law & Order. Lennie Briscoe, one of the top characters in television history, will continue on Law & Order: Trial by Jury, in a limited role. He will be missed on the mother ship. As for his replacement, i think they should bring Richard Belzer's John Munch over, a character that is totally underused on SVU. Two more episodes to savor the wisecracker Briscoe.

Oh yeah, Friends ended tonight. Truth be told, i never liked the show except for the one where they had the game show for the apartments. But, i did watch. It seemed like they wanted to tie up Ross and Rachel, and go for some goofball moments with the rest for old times sake. It was no Cheers finale, which was great. That had all the characters together at the end in a bull session that gave you a final look into all of the characters, which was funny, poingnant and left you satisfied with everyone, even though it was ending. The last Quantum Leap was even 10x times better, which showed Sam giving up any chance of getting home, so that he could fix Al's life for the better. Ultimate sacrifice for your best friend beats some slut leaving a plane to be with a tool anyday in my humble opinion.

I'm watching this show on the History Channel about the dropping of the Atomic Bomb on Japan, and whether or not it should have been done. 2 bombs, hell we should have dropped 10 atomic bombs on the dirty Japanese. At the time, the Japs were committing acts of human cruelty that would rival those of the Nazis. The Japanese would dissect American POWs alive and use them for experimental surgery with no anesthesia. Death marches, beating, rapes, torture, burning people alive and even boiling people alive were not beyong the scope of the Japanese war effort. Hell, at least the Germans were using gas chambers, which were relatively harmless compared to what Emperor Hirohito was ordering. Total justification in dropping both nuclear bombs.

As for the women thing, i still am adamant on my "given up philosophy." I'm not going to waste anymore time worrying about some girl. I tried for this one girl, and when that didn't work out, i figured, thats enough for me, i'm not going through anymore hassles. But, if the right girl comes along, and initiates some sort of contact and it works out, that's fine and dandy...but beyond that, its up to Mark Householder to continue on the Householder family name. I'm done, but i trust Mark will carry the direct bloodline further.

Legend of the Sleeveless Adidas:

I imagine Matt or Kyle or Brad might get the most enjoynment out of this story. I've always had t-shirts that are old and raggedy, but i still love to wear for comfortability. It started with an old 1986 American League Champions Red Sox t-shirt i got from my cousin. I wore that shirt to the bitter end, holes everywhere and the sleeves ripped to the armpits. After that i went to a grey Duke University shirt that i also got from my cousin Chuck. After that shirt met its fate, i went to 2 shirts i made in graphic arts class in highschool: one that said "absolutely perfect" and another that said Boston Celtics and had all of their 16 championship seasons listed underneath. I still own those shirts, but now my absolute most favorite is the sleeveless Adidas shirt, which i wear with pride. I got this prized and historic peace of fabric from an old highschool friend Dan Ryan some 6 years ago. For some reason he wanted to get rid of a bunch of old clothes and i took a non-descript Adidas shirt out of friendship. Its blue, says Adidas, and has the trademark three stripes underneath. The shirt hung in my room for a year or so before i decided to make something of it. Feeling a need for a tanktop/muscle shirt, i cut the sleeves off the Adidas shirt, and a legend was born, one that would see so many great moments. As an undershirt the Sleeveless Adidas was a participant in such events as: The Night that Brad Constein fingered and ate out Brooke Bowers while Eric Constein made out her at the same time, with no alcoholic motivation, infront of College, Matt and myself, and saw Matt lend an extra finger; The night MGD claimed its one and only (at present) roller hockey championship at Resevoir Park (game winning goal right here baby); the night Brad, College and I went to Lindsay Jacksons house, while her mother was supposed to be working, but as we sat in Ms. Jackson's room, her mother burst through the door like the Incredible Hulk through a brick wall; many of night of College Classics at Dennys; and was present the night College pissed on the pringles at Turkey Hill. It has seen many atrocities and it has seen many highlights of this bloggers life. The Sleeveless Adidas hangs in my closet to this day, a little worse for ware. Sure its splitting down the side seams, the collar is fraying, and it has bleech spots that have turned it purple, but this peice of cotton has seen what other inferior peices of fabric have not. It lives on, never to be forgotten.

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