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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

You're Hired

I've finally scored a job at TGI Fridays at the mall, working with Brad Constein and Kyle Durkin. This should be fun.

I finished my college paper at 3:45 am last night/this morning, so that makes it about 4 straight days of 4-6 hours of sleep and now its killing me. Now a big essay test tomorrow is all i have until finals.

Now that the Devils are out of the playoffs...i lay my preferences on any of the three Canadian teams: the Canadiens, the Flames or the Maple Leafs. I'd like to see a Flames Canadiens Final.

The other day i was reminded of another CollegeBoy Classicâ„¢:

College and I went down to House of Pasta one night in Millersville, and for those who' never been there, they have these giant mugs that are really cheap and add up to almost three beers in all. College had been drinking earlier in the day, so when we got there he was blasted already, but adding the giant mugs didnt help. We went out to the sand bar and College just slouched in the chair, trying not to pass out, while kicking sand all over the other 2 at our table. Finally we took off and i nearly had to carry College out of the place. So i drop him off at the Compound and hes really laboring to get out of the car and keep on his feet. I asked him if he needed help, but he waved me off and i left. Turns out College made it as far as his front porch, where he passed out doubled over the rail. Flash forward to the next morning, when College's mother Donna comes outside to walk the dog Chloe. She finds College still out cold, and starts yelling and asking him what the hell he was doing, to which College replied, "I'm walking Chloe." Awesome.

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