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Monday, April 12, 2004


Saturday night was spent at College's, to watch the Flyers Devils game, which the Devils lost. Totally uncalled for. I'm not handling this well. But it is the Playoffs, the most wonderful time of the year. Other than that, there was a littany of people there..Josh, Cindy, Christina, Dan, College, Kate, and her sister. We played a game called cranium...i'm not artist, but Kate and College should see a belly dancer when one is drawn for them..haha.

I don't know how anyone in this country can still think that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. There's so much evidence that is in his favor, its not even funny. The Warren Commission was pretty sloppy in their investigation, i'm pretty sure that they were under a time restriction and they thought/were ordered to focus on pinning it on Oswald and ignore anything that didn't point to him. First off, there's a laundry list of people that said they heard more than the 3 shots the Warren Commission said there were, and that one or more of those shots came from the grassy knoll. JFK's vicious backwards head snap (back and to the left, back and to the left, back and to the left...) should have been enough to show people that the kill shot was from the front. Then a policeman runs into the Texas School Book Depository and finds Lee Harvey Oswald in the second floor lunch room drinking a coke a "max 90 seconds after the final shot, and says he's not nervous or worried or sweating, despite that the Warren Commission says he just killed the leader of the free world and ran down 4 flights of stairs, stops to buy a soda and should by all rights be a little bit shocked to run into a cop, but anything is possible i guess. I don't really buy into all the "mass government conspiracy" stuff that some believe, but there was definately something fishy going on. JFK was pissing so many people off by not getting into Vietnam. The CIA wanted to thrash Communism, Bell Helicopter was going to make a kings ransom making choppers for the war. Then Cuban refugees hate Castro and JFK for not helping the CIA invade Cuba, and the Mob hates Kennedy, because he worked with his brother to eliminate the Mob, after they just worked with Joe Kennedy to rig the 1960 election. Added to that, Oswald had connections to ALL of these groups--including Jack Ruby and his Mob ties, im pretty sure one or two guys from each of these groups made up Oswald for the fall. Then they have Ruby silence Oswald and he's guilty forever, not telling what he knew about these groups. Pretty sad.

Im running short on time to get these 2 papers finished, and so i far i have an introduction for the first one. Time kick my BS skills into high gear.

Current TV: JFK
Current Cigarette: Pall Mall...not the best, but only $3.49/a pack


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