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Friday, April 02, 2004

Made from the best stuff on Earth.

Thursday night went to House of Pasta in Millersville with Fries. It was crazy...got to talk with Fries about hockey, which i love, but the 2 drunks next to us made the night. The first guy, sporting a mullet, jumped into our hockey conversation and told us how great Gretzky was, and how he would go out there and pound some ass when he needed to(?). Then he started on about how good Michigan is and was, and i asked him if he was talking about the NIT college basketball, and he said yeah then went right into talking about hockey again, leaving Fries and myself wondering if this guy was on something more than alcohol. Then the bald guy next to him was yelling incoherently and laughing at his own jokes which none of us could understand. Fries got caught with the guy as he showed his Navy ID, then the guy leaned into 2 big black guys and asked them if they sucked dick, which prompted the bartender to call him a cab. While waiting he nearly fell on me and the floor and then yakked in the cab. Unreal.

Tonight looks like the Fairview, with a bunch of people. It happens.

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