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Saturday, March 20, 2004

Here I go again on my own...

Ah yes...Started at the Fairview Tavern with College. Gary and Donna were there, College's parents for those who don't know, and it's always a treat to have a beer with Gary. After that went to House of Pasta and met up with Reber, Matt and Kyle, a few guys i worked with at That Fish Place. Nice to see those guys again...and there were a multitude of hot bitches there, so we'll call it a good night.

Devils tied Montreal..makes them 1 point closer to the Flyers..second half of a home and home with the Canadiens Saturday is up next.

I'm doing pretty well on my NCAA Tourney so far, my Final Four are still alive.

This has been Richard.

Current Tv: Bird on a Wire....one of my all-time favorites.
Current Mood: damn, those giant mugs at House of Pasta.


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