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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Last time it happened: Pete Weber, Fountain Bowl

St Patrick's Day! Went over to Hot Z's in Landisville. Our waitress was a total ditz and forgot everything we asked for. Oh Well. Fun night with College, Kate, Josh and Cindy. Plus it was $1 Molson Canadian drafts, which happen to be my favorite beer in all the land.

It friggin showed yesterday. After wearing shorts for the last while, it snowed! Unreal.

The Devils unleashed a fierce ass kicking on the Penguins tonight, 6-1. I only wish that i still worked with Jeff H. so i could rub it in. No goals for Elias tonight, but Friesen had 2 goals and 2 assists and it would be nice to see him warm up before the playoffs...and recent acquistion Victor Kozlov had 4 points so thats bonus.

Nike: "World, welcome to Bowling."--love that commercial

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