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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

"Desire is irrelevant. I am a machine."

Day of relaxation. Watched tv all day. Im lazy.

I've got a mid term tomorrow and problem is that i missed a bunch of classes, and i have alot to catch up on. Oh well, im good under pressure. Everyone at school seems to be pissed that our mascot the Maurauder is going to change from a pirate to a parrot. Seems the pirate scared the kids too much. Thats pretty ridiculous if you ask me, but i've never gone to one Millersville event since i started, so why would my opinion matter?

Devils beat Florida tonight to get off the schnide. Elias had 3 points and Gomez got 1 goal and 4 assists. Damn. Hopefully they can string some wins together and move out of 6th in the East.

I'm loving the weather lately, i got to wear shorts the other day..heh. Hope it continues onto Spring.

Current Mood: bored
Current TV: Canucks-Avalanche
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