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Sunday, February 29, 2004

"You have helped me reach the next level. And here I was starting to think you were just a sadistic psycho bitch."

Its a beautiful Sunday morning; my window is even half way open. Last night went to Kyle's. We watched the Friends ep where they have the quiz for the apartments. That's the only episode i've ever liked of that show. Drank beer and played Balderdash which was pretty fun.

Devils have lost 2 straight, and i worry once more. Belfour shut them out last night, thats gonna leave a mark. Lamierello must get someone before the trade deadline.

Probably going to College's tonight, and maybe hockey with Chester sometime this afternoon. Should be fun.

I've actually gotten a few comments here about CollegeBoy, and requests for more stories, so i'll share the one that gave birth to the CollegeBoy name and phenomena:

A few years back, College, his brothers Matt and Eric and myself were at Hooters. College was hitting on our waitress non-stop the whole time. So we get our check and pay, and i tip the waitress nicely. College doesn't want to be outdone, so he goes to his pockets...and pulls out change. The waitress looks at his quizically, and we start snickering. College tries to smooth it over and tells the waitress, "Ahh, i'm a collegeboy, i have to buy books." Needless to say we laughed all the way home. That with the months that followed, anytime we'd see a girl at a bar or someone we went to highschool with, College would tell outright lies that he was attending Penn State University in State College. So the name stuck, and actually become quite a legend with the Constein family, Hempfield High School and the surrounding area.

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