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Monday, February 23, 2004

Put a silver bullet in my brain.

Sunday was not too bad. Watched Billy Madison and Happy Gilmour all day, then went to Kyle's. Played darts, cards had beer and watched Law and Order Criminal Intent. Then we went to Villa Nova for a few and destroyed mega touch sports quiz show. the thing ran out of questions. Then we got a six pack and went back to the college compound for some NHL Hitz. Just a tip, Coors Light is evil and counterproductive to society.

Devils continued their winning ways, beating Calgary 3-1. Elias is en fuego, 2 more goals, both assisted by Gomez. Those 2 are unreal at the moment, and if they get Sergei Gonchar and Robert Lang from Washington, or Brian Leetch from the Rangers, the goal scoring problems are over and there's no way they are not repeating.

Current TV: Married with Children.
Current Drink: Green Tea.


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