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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Judgement Day

Damn. I've got one of the bigger decisions of my life to make. Do i quit my job, where i've worked for the last half decade, or not. I was the recipient of quite a tounge lashing today, because i asked for a review and raise. Management couldnt believe that i would have the gaul to ask for it, after all they do for me. They question whether or not i appreciate what they do for me (insurance when i work a little over 30 hours), which is kind of ironic when i was asking the same thing of them. Like i said before, its not about money really..cause what is 25 or 50 cents really gonna do for me financially? I just want appreciation and for them to let me know they value what i do there. Realisitically, im one of the better salespeople there, and some people make more than me. And I dont even really care about medical insurance. But its not really about money. Getting yelled at like that just totally blew me away, and i really need to move on i think. Im sure im gonna leave now, just whether or not i can go back in there and work for a day or so while i look for another job. It's a shame that one incident like that can cause me to want to leave somewhere were i really like my co-workers, and have spent a fifth of my life. My hearts just not in it after being treated like that. The big problem is that im not the kind of person that likes a big change like that. I've been there since i was 19 and im now 23, and there's some people there that i'd hate to not know anymore. But what does anyone reading this care about that anyway?

Other than that....Test tomorrow in Modern US History, which i havent even thought about till now after all that other bs.

Thats enough for now.

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