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Monday, February 09, 2004

"Well Rick, I was right..you are a sentimenalist"

Today was boring as usual. Took the u.s. foreign policy exam and im not sure how i did, i'll find out wednesday. Then euro-history and a trip to Ganser Library. I'm a junior at Millersville University for those who don't know.

I have kind-of started my 10 page paper due on Thursday. I have a general idea of where it's going, and i have a good idea of my introduction. I always work better under deadline pressure anyway, so whatever.

Hits have exploded, going from 5 or 6 for a week or so up to 36. Damn. If you visit, please sign the guest book or e-mail me, i'd like to know what you think of my Blog. I did get an e-mail from a guy in India, which is pretty cool, you never know who's reading.

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