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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Survey Time....or things I do when i'm bored....

Alias: alek hidell
Birthday: 9-6-1980
Sign: virgo
Sex: male
Location: Lancaster, PA
Nationality: American...irish/german
Screen Name: richardrh
Hair Length: short
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Piercings: sorry
Tattoos: i'd like to get something with the #99, or a canadian flag
Do you play sports? roller hockey


Color: red
Cologne: i have some "adidas moves" i got for xmas, but i never use it
T.V. Show: Seinfeld re-runs
Movie: Casablanca....claude raines baby..and the final part at the airport is the greatest scene in movie history
Band: rolling stones, beatles, beastie boys, aerosmith, matchbox 20
Singer: celine dionne is pretty good.
Song: summer of '69-bryan adams, i don't wanna miss a thing-aerosmith
Subject: history
Hangout: fairview tavern, collegeboy's apartment
Fruit: banana
Month: June
Season: summer
Holiday: thanksgiving
Saying: is that right? or Dan is a honkey

Do Questions

Do you believe in love at first sight? sure
Do you get along with your parents? not alot but sometimes...
Do you think about suicide? cant say i do
Do you drink? yes
Do you do drugs? not anymore
Do you smoke? trying to get off it
Do you think you have multiple personalities? sometimes Dan thinks he's brock lesnar, as for me, i'm pretty sane

Have Questions

Have you ever smoked? i have
Have you ever done drugs? yeah
Have you ever drank alcohol? yeah
Have you ever gotten drunk? last friday night
Have you ever made out with just a friend? no
Have you ever used someone? no
Have you ever been used? im not sure, but i think so
Have you ever wanted someone you couldn't have? yeah

Best Questions

Best person to talk to: college
Best relationship: hmmm
Best feeling: going to sleep knowing i dont have to get up early in the morning.
Best stuffed animal you own: theres a tall bear that i have no clue where it came from.

Last Questions

Last time you cried: hmmm
Last movie you saw in a theatre: butterfly effect...pretty cool, but got corny at the dramatic points
Last movie you rented: i cant rent anymroe
Last movie you bought: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
Last song you listened to: i'm a believer, the monkeys
Last song that was stuck in your head: here i go again, whitesnake
Last song you downloaded: here i go again, whitesnake
Last TV show you watched: conan o'brien
Last person you were thinking of: don, the honkey
Last person you talked to: don, the honkey
Last person you hugged: my mother
Last person you kissed: kate and cindy, but it was against my will.
Last person you went to eat out with: hmm Dan, Brad, John and Eric, at Dennys
Last person you slow danced with: goodness, someone at a wedding
Last person you yelled at: mom
Last person you called: i dont use the phone much, probably college
Last person who called you: college
Last person who told you a story: my dad and his violent football games when he was younger
Last person who made you smile: don
Last person who made you laugh: don
Last person who said they love you: mom


Closest: College
Who lives farthest away: Dan
Who lives closest to you: collegeboy
Who is the tallest: chester
Who is the shortest: collegeboy
Who is the meanest: dan can be brutally honest
Who is the nicest: hmmm
Who is the loudest: collegeboy
Who is the smartest: damn.
Who is the craziest: easily Kyle...see the Legend of CollegeBoy
Who is the most violent: collegeboy, bloody hands, broken property
Who sings the best: hmm chester isnt that bad..i prefer the college-richard-dan-summer of 69 trifecta
Who dresses the best: hmm
Who makes you smile most: dan, if only because he's a honkey
Who can cheer you up no matter what: hmm Wayne Gretzky
Who has a crush on you: no clue
Who gives you a funny feeling when you see them: funny good or funny bad?
Who do you turn to the most: for the most part no one

Love & Relationships

Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush: i've got a prospect
What do you notice first in the opposite sex: face or butt/legs
First crush: no idea
First love: hockey
Ideal date: where it goes good


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