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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Weird Dreams

I have these dreams that should be made into movies. For content, i'll post a few...

The first one starts in my basement. I'm fighting these Matrix like bad guys in black suits. One of them knocks me down and injects a needle in my arm. I pass out and wake up in an alternate reality. Somehow i find out that these Matrix guys are out to kill me, and the only way to get out of it, is to kill them and pass onto another reality, until i find the normal reality. So i kill a few and make it thru a number of realities, and i end up in the one i think is right. I find myself living with my friends Fries and Collegeboy. We are at our place and they want to go out, but i get nervous that the Matrix guys are coming and i stay home. Right when my friends leave, the door blasts open and the Matrix guys are after me. I survive and make it to the next reality: Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1993. Here we're walking down the streets of Toronto, and we pass a bar and i hear the tv. I hear Bob Cole talking about Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals between Toronto and Los Angeles. I tell Kyle that this must be the right reality, cause this is my favorite NHL game of all time. We continue on, and i see Doug Gilmour walking down the street....problem being that Doug Gilmour should be playing for the Leafs. I realize this isn't the right one, and low and behold, here come the guys in black suits. We run to a skyscraper, and meet this group who are also trying to beat the blacksuits. Just like the Matrix. So we are planning our next move, when we are ambushed. Kyle and I make a break for the elevator, and oddly enough, the Ghostbusters-in full ghost busting gear-are firing away and clearing us a path. We make it to the street and we start killing the Matrix guys, who are becoming more monster-like, as they face us. As we kill the last one, my dream pulls back and it's Kyle and I playing a video game the entire time. Weird, no?

This next one, is weirder, as a dream i had a few weeks ago plays off another dream i had prior. The first one was short. I'm in Toronto (common theme) and i fall in love with a girl, only to see her die in the street. The second one expands on this dream. In this one, i'm again in Toronto, with Kyle and his brother Matt. We are walking the streets, and we stop at a hot dog stand, and i see this beautiful girl. I start talking to her, and with everything she says, i get the feeling that i've talked to her before..except in the dream i've never been to Canada. As it goes on, i realize that this girl and i are meant to be together. The dream moves on to this girl and i being together, and walking down the street. She has a young child walking with her, and for some reason i feel a strong connection to the child. As we are walking, the child runs into the street, and the girl i've fallen in love with chases her and gets hit by a car. I rush over to see her die in my arms, and i start crying. As this happens, my dream pulls back and i'm talking to a guy on the street in Toronto, and we are talking about the girl with whom i fell in love. He tells me "she was a great person, wasn't she?" I agree and fall into deep thought, and i look back up the street and see the girl, the child and myself. At this point of the dream, i realize that i was married to this girl, and the child was ours. I see the three of us enjoying they day with each other, and think of how great it was. The first dream was a reality of sorts, and the second dream was me daydreaming about our life together.


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