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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Late Night Blogger

Impressive victory for New Jersey, beating the Sens in the swamp 2-1. Elias got another goal, he's turning it up. Scott Stevens might never play again, but i trust Neidermayer and Brodeur. 1 point behind the Flyers with 2 games in hand....I'm still thinking New Jersey-Vancouver Final.

I have a Euro History exam at 10am tomorrow, and i havent studied yet. I hate Europe.

There's probably nothing, besides scrapple and sausage, as sick as a menthol cigarette.

Petty Amusement: Just as i thought, theres one hit to this blog.

Current TV: Seinfeld, the episode where Jerry gets the dog from the guy on the airplane.
Current Mood: don't want to study.


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