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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Facts of Life Support

Spent Saturday night at College's place with Kyle, Kate, Josh and Cindy. We played scategories, had bud light and watched Stay Tuned, a classic...John Ritter, we hardly knew thee. It was bitter cold tonight.

SuperSkills: Scott Neidermayer won the fastest skater and Sheldon Souray-a product of the Devils farm system-hit 102.2 mph in the hardest shot contest. Then Jeremy Roenick hit 4 for 4 in the accuracy shot, drawing actual cheers from me, despite him being one of my least favorite players on my absolute least favorite team..so he did his job i guess.

Coming tomorrow: Miracle review
Current Mood: if i dont get to sleep in a few minutes, i will die.
Current TV: Sportscenter


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