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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Spent the night at the Fairview.....Dominated the first 2 games of darts, then beaten by Kate...a female....how dare they infringe on a man's game? I kid because i care.

On a personal note (isn't everything a personal note here?) it's pretty demoralizing to want what you can't have.

Devils lost to the Rangers tonite...the RANGERS! They have lost a total of like 2 games to the RANGERS since i was a junior in HIGHSCHOOL! The wheels might be falling off the wagon for our heroes. It's looking like 2002 (6th seed, eliminated by the Hurricanes) all over again. What's up with having a shmozz the year after the Cup (1996, 2002)? I'm guessing they are missing Scott Stevens more than i thought they would.

I sure am using alot of parenthesis in this post

I picked up Monday Night War and Mic Foley's Greatest Hits and Misses today. I wasn't expecting much from MNW, except the "Bret Screwed Bret" interview, but alot from Mic Foley. Turns out the MNW DVD was frigging awesome, at about 90 minutes. They went thru EVERTHING and had every little detail from the Monday Night Wars. Mic Foley did have the awesome street fight from 2000 and Mind Games from 1996. Overall both are really great.

And for those who care (HA! hate life) i got new Bud Light and Malibu boxers...haha.

Damn, this is a long post, surpassed only by the survey and the Legends of Wayne Gretzky and CollegeBoy.

Hits have made it up to 53. Thanks to all who have visited..Please sign the guest book or e-mail. That's all for tonight.

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