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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

"Where's Oswald? In the 2nd floor lunch room, where he said he went for a Coke!"

Inexcusable Devils loss to Philadelphia tonight. I can't wait to hear about it at work tomorrow. Brodeur played like hell, and Scott Stevens is out for the year...it doesn't look good for our heroes.

Bonus: our class got an extension to finish our World to 1500 paper until Tuesday, so i'll put that off again till like monday.

I'd like to thank Rahul for all the linkage over on his site. Check his Blog out, its pretty cool.

For now, i'll leave you all with another Classic CollegeBoy Moment:

College called me up one day asking me to take him to Turkey Hill to get some smokes. We get there and College met someone there, and got some bad news that we won't get into here. College was pissed off and told me to drop him off at the Fairview, and come back and get him later that night. So i get up to the Fairview around 11, and College is plastered. We stayed for awhile and College was really, really drunk..He was punching the bar, asking the waitress to Don's birthday party, calling a lady who stole our jukebox plays a bitch out loud, the usual. So College gets flagged and we leave. Outside the Fairview, College tries to lay a haymaker on a spare tire on the back of Jeep, but misses and hits the metal bracket holding it on, splitting open his hand and bleeding everywhere. So we get to Turkey Hill again. College goes in stumbling over everything. I make small talk with Wolf Man Jack at the counter and i make my way around the cigarette display to see College: fully unzipped, and urinating on the Pringles Chips on the shelf. I, not so sober myself, see this and fall to the floor saying "no way!" repeatedly. College then zips up, we buy our stuff and get the hell out of there. Truly one for Constein grandkids....

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