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Monday, February 16, 2004

"According to Anjelique Bones, a nosey bitch who lives up the street..."

Turns out i made it to College's with Matt tonight. Labatte Blue while watching the Laci Peterson movie. Matt was in "Eddie Murphy Raw" territory, nearly drawing tears at every turn.

A word on Alex Rodriguez. I'm a Red Sox fan, and it's just par for the course. All that time Boston tried to get him, and it didn't go anywhere, and New York just jumps in and gets him no trouble. Steinbrenner is a fag, and i hope A-Rod tears an ACL on the way to cashing a check in the near future. I hope it blows up in everyone's face and the Yankees miss the playoffs, but we all know they'll win the East over Boston by at least 7 games. But..if New York beats Boston in the playoffs and A-Rod has anything to do with it, i'm done with MLB forever.

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