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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Sorry, we're closed.

Spent the night at College's...Kyle got me a Devil's calendar....watched some of the Capitals Panthers game. Then we adjorned to the VillNova for some Bud Light and sang We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel on Kareoke. We got a total of one person to clap for us, so i take we were pretty bad.

Money problems are becoming a huge problem, as i have no income and my car insurance, credit card and cell phone bill are all coming up. I don't regret quitting That Fish Place, but i wish i had some way to make money.

I've got a major test in World to 1500 on Thursday and another exam on American Foreign Relations on Friday. Joy.

Just for personal record, i have given up on women...just want to see how that measures up to how i feel down the road, but for now it seems alot easier for me. Oh well, there's always my one true love to fall back on, i should have realized by now; i always go back to it. See the final scene from the last episode of Cheers to see where im coming from on that one.

Also, i'm gonna give quitting smoking a try. I did it once for about a week in hopes of winning the favor of a girl and not to mention a pan of brownies. Worked then(not for the girl), but now it's gonna have to be for health and financial reasons. I tried today and was successful for about 5 and a half hours before i bought a pack around 6:50. Smoked the entire pack by 12:15...heh. But now i'm out and i'm gonna give it a try again. Plus it gives me flem issues in the morning, so it would be a pleasantry anyway.

Eh, call it a night.

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