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Monday, March 01, 2004

Just another boring Monday, wish it were Sunday

Boring. Went to class this morning, and did pretty well on the All Quiet on the Western Front test.

Went to Kyle's house last night, played Hitz and watched the prestigious Golden Mullet Awards. God bless Canada for giving us Barry Melrose. Later we watched the less prestigious Oscars...felt really bad, Bill Murray should have gotten the Best Actor award...If you're not going to give him one for Ghostbusters or Kingpin, you have to give him one sometime.

Sunday got to watch the Quantum Leap marathon. Loved that show when i was in junior high and haven't really seen it since. Then played hockey with Chester at East Pete. I havent played regularly since Thanksgiving, and i'm feeling it. My leg pad twisted when i went down for a save, and got nothing but knee on concrete, so that hurts so good.

Looking forward to a day of relaxation, but i should be finding a job.

Quote: "get me a beer, my back's sore." Richard Lynn Householder

Current TV: Glory Brigade
Current Drink: Green Tea
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