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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Look up, see Blue

Wow, that World to 1500 test was killer. So much material to go over, and it didn't stick when i got the exam. Oh well. Tomorrow is an another exam in American Foreign Policy, which should be a bit easier.

Don't know how this weekend is going to shape up, looks like Kate, College and I might go see Matt play basketball at Centerville Middle School...my old stomping grounds, and since im a sentimental kind of guy, it should be neat to see the old school. After that i imagine some Bud Light will come into the picture, then saturday some party that some girl is having. Probably hockey in there somewhere as well.

For the quotes tonight, im reminded of some classic quotes from Canucks GM Brian Burke:

"I want to point out to the officials that Todd Bertuzzi does not play for Detroit. It just looks like that because he is wearing two or three red sweaters all the time."

"Sedin is not English for punch me in the face or headlock me in a scrum."

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