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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Run Naked in the Rain.

Tonite was pretty interesting. Went to see Matt play basketball at CMS. Funny I haven't been to Centerville Middle School in 11 years, but the gymnasium still smelled the same. Matt's team lost and it was a playoff game, so their team is done. They passed like hell and turned the ball over like it was the plague. Oh well...reminds me of the hockey team College and I coached a few years back. No one would pass (at least pass well), no defense (big attribute of the Extreme College and I coached), and one or two guys leading the scoring. But, it was fun to watch.

After that, College and I went to the Fairview. Drank a fair amount, played darts with College, Josh, Cindy and George--a guy i went to highschool, who likes the Devils---big plus in my book. George won both games...what a hustler. Afterwards, went to Turkey Hill and BS'd with Jerry about the NFL, politics and alot of other BS. Got 3 DVD's courtesy of College, so there's something to bide my time with this weekend.

Devils lost to Tampa tonite. Damn, i was looking at this game as a measuring stick as to whether or not they are ready to really defend the Cup. The EGG Line got 1 total point. No further comment.

Current TV: Flyers Senators replay, waiting for the goalie fight.
Current Mood: its raining.


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