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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Gretzky gets the pass and blasts one by Potvin

Went to that party tonite. It was pretty cool. Lots of beer and liquor. I love that Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka. We played this movie trivia game...it was part card questions, part DVD clips. Our team of Matt, Laura, Josh, Cindy and I dominated and won with relative ease.

Devils lost to the Flyers again! But both Flyer goals tipped off Devils AND the cross bar, so I don't believe it was a huge loss. But now the Atlantic Division is out...and 7th is looking like a real possibility.

I'd like to mention that that Nike commercial with Lance Armstrong boxing, and Andre Agassi playing for the Red Sox and Urlacher and Vick playing for the Colorado Avalanche is pretty damn cool and one of the best commercials i've ever seen.

Tomorrow, looks like im gonna go to Islands and enter a March Madness pool. Should be fun considering i'll get to hobnob with Tim Smalls and Pishke. And Gary the Animal will be there, so it should be one for the ages.

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