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Thursday, March 11, 2004

"We're not just gonna let you walk out of here." "Who's we sucka?" "Smith and Wesson and Me."

Today was Dirty Harry Film Festival Thursday. I went out and rented Dirty Harry, Magnum Force and The Enforcer. They all were pretty good; I love the Dirty Harry character. Just need to see Sudden Impact all the way thru and i'm a completist. The scene in Dirty Harry where the criminal is driving the bus of kids and finds Callahan standing on top of the bridge waiting is one of the best visuals i've ever seen in a movie. If I could go back and do anything with my life, i'd absolutely want to be a film maker.

Devils are beating the Blackhawks as I type, so they should be back on the right track for the rematch with the Flyers Saturday. Probably not, but we have to be optimistic with our heroes.

Damn, there have been 203 visitors to this blog..thanks to all who have visited, and please leave a comment or sign the guest book and tell me what you think.

No further word on the job search...if only one of these places will call back.

I'll leave you all with the wise words of a great man:
"If i'm wrong I stand erected, i mean corrected."--Gary the Animal

Current Mood: can't wait to drink Friday
Current Task: find some cheap Health Insurance


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