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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Lazy Days

The test went pretty well in Modern US History, and my cartoon report wasn't too bad today, i could have been a better orator i guess. I guess it didnt help taking a break from finishing it last night to go to the Fairview with College.

Still have no job, none of these weasels are calling back dammit.

The Devils thrashed the Rangers last night, Elias had 2 points and the Devils have suddenly taken the lead in the Atlantic division. 2 games left before the playoffs start.

Finally, i thought i would share another CollegeBoy Classicâ„¢:

First off, a classic night at Dennys. After some binge drinking, College, Matt, Brad, Dan and I made it to our favorite late night eatery. While we were waiting in line, College found a black girl and started flirting with her. Somehow he got into a religious discussion with this black girl. Soon enough College was talking about his religious beliefs (he has none) and about how he was dedicated to his church (he doesnt go). Then they hold hands and start praying with their eyes closed. College couldnt help but smile, and we were dying so i decided to remove College's hat revealing his week long unwashed hair and slapping him in the face. Afterwards we all shared a laugh and College eloquently stated that he just wanted a piece of the "Praisin Raisin." Then we got to the table and College started propositioning our waitress. He also related the story of how he was going to take Alex Rodriguez's job at short stop if a errant line drive hadnt lodged his testicles into his ass. Great night.

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