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Sunday, March 21, 2004

"I don't care if he was a war criminal, you shouldn't have let him go!"

My NCAA bracket is totally gone to hell, Stanford lost and i had them going to the Final. 3 of my Final Four are still alive...Kentucky, Texas and Oklahoma State. Oh well.

Went to the Fairview tonight...big gathering; College, Kate, Josh, Cindy, Christina, Melissa, Jason and Jen. Josh and College were rowdy and there was too much sex talk for my liking, but it was fun.

MGD begins its 6th season of exciting hockey tomorrow. I don't know who we are playing but i expect a win regardless. Our whole team is back..Kyle Durkin won't be there, and seeing that he's probably the best player in the league it might hurt our chances..but i'm not worried.

Current Mood: it's a great day for hockey.
Current Mood towards Women: suck!


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