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Monday, April 05, 2004

Kind of like a Zamboni, eh?

The NHL regular season is over, and the Devils have the Flyers in the first round. Nothing like starting the playoffs with the arch rival Flyers. This year i dont see the Devils as clear winners, but they have never lost to the Flyers in the playoffs, and a loss to them will not sit well with me. If they lose to the Flyers, nothing will ever be the same again and i will leave no survivors.

Not a bad weekend, went to the Fairview on Friday with College, Matt, Kate, Josh, Cindy, Jason and Lauren. Pretty fun night, we played darts and movie trivia. Saturday went to College's for a little get together and again on Sunday with Matt to watch Law and Order and play Sega Genesis.

I've procrastinated once again, holding off on a 10 page and 7 page paper, both of which are due within days of each other in about 2 weeks. Tons of fun.

Current Mood: no whammies!
Current TV: Law and Order SVU


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