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Saturday, April 10, 2004

O, Canada!

Tonight was a blast. Started off at the Fairview with Fries and his girlfriend Lauren. Then we went off to Lancaster City, to a place called Quips, to meet up with former co-workers Wayne, Anjel and...Heather. Dammit, i wanted to put her out of mind, and i thought i did a good job of not drooling all over her, but it brought back feellings i had for her. Shouldnt have went, but it was cool regardless. Later College and Kate showed up, which i did not expect. It was cool to be out with everyone.

Tomorrow: Devils Flyers, game 2. If they don't win, i'm going on a state wide crime spree.

School is almost done..3 weeks i think, but i have 2 papers and a test coming up quicker than i would hope for, so i've got to get busy here.

Current TV: Worlds Most Dangerous Something or Other Caught on Tape
Current Mood: I will not be a dumbass.


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