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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

In Patrik Elias I Trust.

Devils got off the schnide tonight and beat Philly, 4-2. What a relief! Elias was dominant and Brodeur started off shaky but was on the rest of the night. So tonight began what Chris Berman would call the Rasputin Games. Meaning they cannot lose anymore really this series or they are in trouble, they must go on like Rasputin who was poisoned, beaten, shot and still lived until the crazy Russians threw him into a frozen river where he finally drowned. There's your history lesson for the night. But I don't expect the Devils to die anytime soon.

It appears Howard Stern is not going to be on the air much longer. What a shame. Its like he said, this country is interfering on the freedom of speech rights of citizens in this country, but is spending billions to make sure frigging Iraquis have their rights. Vote Nader!!

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