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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Listen your ass is about to be missing, you know whos gonna find you? Some old man fishin'!

Great night tonight, at the Fairview. Met up with Josh and Cindy and Fries and Lauren. Had some fun, then College and Chris showed up. There was a band at the Fairview, which was quite a suprise. I saw the female singer at Emersons a few Halloweens ago, and i remember her that night....she was the most beautiful girl in the world that night, she glowed i tell you. So it was great to see her sing again...and she came over and sang with College and I.

The only thing better than the Red Sox beating the shit out of the Yankees last weekend at Fenway is the Red Sox beating the shit out of the Yankees at the Stadium. The beaneaters killed the spanks 11-2 tonight. All is right with the world...well yeah, if i was banging a hot chick too..but i digress.

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