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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Life Everlasting II

Well, well. Worked today from 4 to 10 at TGI Fridays and that was pretty good. On my third day, i got an entire smoking section to myself which was pretty hectic. Oh well, i only broke one glass. I guess i was pretty slow, i get the idea that i could have went faster and got people to my section quicker. I have to give it to my superior Laura, she worked the door and understood my incompetence. All in all, i really like the job and the people there. I must add again, there is a multitude of hot looking girls working at TGI Fridays. And working with Brad Constein is sublime.

After work i came home, showered up and went to the Fairview. The entire gang was there...College, Kate, Josh, Cindy, Jason, Melissa, Amy, Alicia, Jason, Dan, Christina, and another girl who I cant remember her name, but i have seen her before at College's New Years Bash. It was a great time, we played darts and movie trivia.

As I watch this retrospective on John Kennedy's time as President on the History Channel, i've got to tell the 2 or so people that read this blog what a shmozz of a President JFK was. He didnt do a damn thing as President, and wasn't beloved until someone that wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald killed him on November 22, 1963. He was an adulter, like Martin Luther King....i love the quote, "i hope my children can live based on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin," quote. JFK relied on Bob MacNamara and his brother the entire 3 years.

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