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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Mouse Trap

Woo Hoo, the Calgary Flames just eliminated the filthy RedWings and the dirty Derian Hatcher. CuJo is a born loser, and will never ever win. The Devils are gone, but its still the playoffs.

Sunday we won our hockey game, and almost degenerated into a giant brawl, just like days of old. Kyle Durkin got suspended for 2 games for throwing a punch, and i almost got into it with another guy who slashed Fries. Of course we kicked their ass, and they couldnt hang, so they started playing cheap which started all the shenanigans.

Worked today and its going alright, i just cant seem to grasp the sections and not double and triple seating the waitresses. Hopefully i'll get it.

I caught a mouse in my room last night. I was all ready to get to sleep and i saw this big shadow go across the room. I knew it was too big to be a spider, so i hit the lights and checked it and found the mouse. It kind of freaked me out, which is kind of sissy, but it was a filthy disease infested mouse. So i started looking for it, and i turned the lights out, and tried to flush it out from behind the couch, but i couldnt find it. So i started pulling all the junk from behind the couch to find it. I pulled a shirt out and laid it on the arm of the couch and leaned over to see if i could spot it. When i leaned over on the shirt, i felt wiggling and i freaked and threw the shirt and the mouse ran out. It went against the wall and i went after it. It got away from me, but ran into a conviently placed cup and i threw a box over it. So i snagged it and started shaking the box to knock the pest out and then took it outside and threw it in a sewer. And thats my mouse catching story.

Current TV: channel surfing
Current Beer: Coors Light?!
Current Mood: Goodbye Detroit and that bastard Derian Hatcher!!!!!!1


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