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Sunday, May 16, 2004

I don't know the difference between a Picasso and a train wreck.

Today was a loooong day. Got up at 730am to go and help Josh and Cindy move into their new house. That lasted till 1. Shouldnt have had the 3 and a half beers before going to work. I was dog tired and my back hurt like hell. Thats not getting any better.

After that, came home and watched Bean on the million dollar movie showcase. That was a great movie, but the tv series from England was classic.

Just for kicks...i get alot of porn junk mail. Its actually pretty funny stuff what they come up with. Here are some of the email subject headings:

-Get Your Complimentary Supply of Royal Jelly
-Guess how she paid for college
-Sexual Material: I'm easy so lets go
-Very Very Personal Assistants
-I just like to watch thru windows
-Make her ass bleed
-Hot Cheating Wives

Funny stuff

Current TV: Frequency
Current Drink: Always Coca Cola


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