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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

"I think with your IQ, you're unarmed and still very dangerous."

Today was a bit different. Woke up, went to pick up College and went to the Mall. Picked up Tango and Cash and The Burbs on DVD. The Burbs is one of the funniest movies i've ever seen, highly reccommended. After that we went to Hot Z's for lunch then off to the Fairview. Took a 12 pack back to Colleges for some burgers, then played some NHL 98 and watched some tv. I had about 10 beers throughout and im feeling the ills of that now. Kate's sister Amy stopped by as well (wink wink Stacey hahahah).

I get to close work tomorrow which will be a great thrill. 3 closes this week should mean some sort of hell and agravation. But its money.

Calgary won tonite, which means they are 1 game away from the Stanley Cup finals. No Canadian team has made it to the Finals since 1994, so (hopefully)good for the Great White North. Now Tampa just has to win and all will be good in the hockey world. Well as good as it can get without the Devils in the fold.

Current TV: Tango and Cash
Current Mood: too much beer
Current Lament: Work tomorrow


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