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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Andreychuk = Cup

Monday was a hell of a day. Started off bright and early for orientation at QVC. It seems like a nice place to work, if you dont mind working with retarded, moronic, white trash, brain dead idiots. The people in orientation could not grasp the simple ideas of the workplace and kept us in there for an extra half hour trying to comprehend something a grade schooler could have realized. But it seems like an easy enough and neat job with good pay.

Afterwards i joined Kyle down at the Springhouse to watch Game 7 between the Lightning and the Flames. It was an ok game, with ALOT of questionable calls against Calgary. But Iginla couldn't get it done. I wanted Calgary to win it, but good for Andreychuk. Brad and John joined us later and after the game we tried to get to the Underground but that was closed, so we got to Villa Nova which was open for business. Had beer, shots of vodka and tequilla and i was pretty smashed. And i spent way too much money. All in fun though.

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