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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Never take Barry Melrose for granted.

Tonight the last episode of nhl2night aired on espn. And its a horrible shame. I don't know if it was due to bad ratings or the new TV deal the NHL just signed, but theres no more Melrose or Buccigross to cover the NHL and the greatest sport on earth on a nightly basis. I didnt watch as much as i should have in the past 2 seasons, and now that its over, i feel shamed. I'm always a sucker for finality and things ending. Just a simple show about a sport, but the world is a darker place without it. With any hope Melrose will still do the studio show inbetween periods next season and beyond.

I closed work tonight, which was a hassle. Tomorrow i get up early to play hockey, then speed home to shower and im off to another Sunday of work. THEN i get to close Monday and Tuesday back to back.

In brighter hockey news, the Lightning beat the Flyers in Game 7 tonight and move onto the Finals, for the right to win the silver chalice, the greatest trophy and accomplishment in sport, The Stanley Cup. Damn, never would have guessed at seasons start that Tampa and Calgary would be there. New blood for the Cup.

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