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Friday, May 28, 2004

Get busy living or get busy dying

Ah yes. MGD continued its winning ways Wednesday, winning 11-1. 2 goals and an assist, making 11 points on the year, are you listening Kate? We totally dominated and Fries had no remorse, scoring with 1 second left in the game.

Our gang has found a new tavern to suit our drinking needs, the Spring House. Its a great place, and it doesnt have the problems the Fairview has; little to no parking, dive atmosphere, bums and general pathetic-ness. So we bid adieu to the Fairview, it was a dump anyway.

Somehow, despite the outlandish number of Consteins living in the area, i get hoodwinked into taking Eric to the Bus Station tomorrow at 8 am. I swear i keep that family on its feet, but Eric's blog is a modern marvel.

This weekend looks bright. Friday work, then to the Spring House for some offbeat shenanigans. Saturday I close at TGI Fridays. Then Sunday its work again, but then off to College's Labor Day or Memorial Day or whatever holiday cook out. I will be intoxicated and i will hit on Kate's sister. Should be fun.

Current Mood: ohhh, 8am
Current Wardrobe: cargo shorts and a shirt i bougt at the mall today for $4.95


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