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Monday, May 31, 2004

In southeast Asia, we call this kind of thing Bad Karma

Hey now. Saturday work closed early as the main grill caught on fire and halted any closing duties i may have have had that day.

Sunday came and went...Lacy got fired so i was the last out..but got out around 7 so i could goto College's Memorial Day party. Andi must tell you, it was great. Im used to going to a sausage party via the Constein's, but tonight was different. A good time all around....got to chat with Matt about the Lakers and the NFL, which was great. Later, College and I won 2 games of beer pong. Extra special thanks to Cindy and Christina for their candid female talk hahah. All in all, it was a great party and id like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Constein for having it.

As for real life...i close tomorrow and the next 3 days. I wonder if im going to quit or not. Just a giant hassle. oh well.

Cant wait to close tomorrow.

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"What have you got in the cellar Herr Klopek!?"--Rumsfield

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