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Sunday, June 06, 2004

This one's for the Gipper

Quite an interesting day.

I was looking for the Belmont Stakes on the TV in the lobby at work for the people waiting when i found out that Ronald Reagan had died. Pretty shocking. Cleary one of the most popular Presidents and one of the greatest. As President, he oversaw the end of the Cold War and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, two of the biggest moments in world history. Quite a resume.

Then the Belmont Stakes. I was surprised to see that Everyone in Fridays was into the race. Sucks that Horse Racing garners more attention than the Stanley Cup Finals, but it was cool to watch regardless. Smarty Jones started out 3rd or so, and then he took a large lead coming around the final turn. The crowd at the bar was going crazy. Then down the stretch he lost steam and lost to some other horse. Every year it happens, seems like they just run out of gas at the end.

Then the Stanley Cup Finals. I tried to watch as much as i could at work, but i ended up missing Tampa's goal in double overtime. Kind of dissapointing, seeing that i would have loved to see Calgary win it infront of their rabid fans.

Three bad incidents makes for quite a bad day. But i finally can look to a day off tomorrow and a hockey game at noon.

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