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Sunday, June 13, 2004

up your nose with a radiator hose

Going back to New Castle was a success. The trip to and back wasn't the hell i thought it would be. Got to see alot of family members that i have not seen in years like Aunt Shirley and Aunt Vera, along with Rick and Cindy and Uncle Charles and his family. Played some of the worst volleyball ever, but it was fun.

We came back early so i could play in our playoff game today. We did win a tough game, but i played like hell. Just one of those days i guess.

Now i get back to working, which means 7am to noon at QVC tomorrow morning, then a 5 hour reprieve before i close(again) at TGI Fridays, which means i miss game 2 of our playoffs dammit.

I now have a choice to make. Do i go to Maine with the Consteins in early July or do i go to Las Vegas with my parents and my Aunt and Uncle and cousins? I could possibly pull both off, but it would hurt the finances. Ive got a month to figure it out.

Current TV: Red Sox - Dodgers
Current Mood: pulled muscles everywhere


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