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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dick, he's always said, the only thing that's important is the Stanley Cup.

Today i finally had a day off. No QVC or TGI Fridays, just a day off to relax. Played a little playstation, watched some tv and had some good ole R&R. Later in the eve, went to the Springhouse for some beers. It was great, reminisced about the golden days....Emerson's, fishing and drinking at the Compound with Fries, drinking underage on the backporch while Brad, Eric or Matt brought their underage friends over to drink or smoke pot. I really miss the good ole days. Later we went up to the Fairview for the first time in ages, and saw the lady who calls me Eric all the time. Then we stopped back to the Springhouse and BSed with Amanda. Great night.

Our hockey team has made it to the league finals for the 5th time since we started. We've only won one of the first four so far, so hopefully we can pull another one out of our ass and have another trophy.

Tomorrow i work, but i dont close....maybe they got the idea that they were making me close every night and felt some pity. Either Brad said something on my behalf or they just forgot. Seems like Natalie is closing more than I anymore since she graduated highschool. I would feel sorry for her, but she is one of the top 10 most beautiful girls i've ever met, so yeah.

Current TV: Seinfeld, the one with the raincoats and the close talker.
Current Mood: alot of Bud Light
Current Wardrobe: Wifebeater and adidas shorts


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