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Monday, June 28, 2004

Jason Arnott, in exactly the right place to handcuff Ed Belfour, and the Devils are the Champions

Quite a few days. Saturday College, Matt and I went to pitch and putt at Evergreen. Damn i suck at golf. Matt hit the flag off the tee, but everything went down hill from that point for all us. More so for me than those 2.

Then after work, sat with Braud and Steph and drank Coronas(at $3.80 a peice!?). Then made it down to House of Pasta where College, Kate, Christina and Wayne were hanging out. Along with them were some funny characters, including a feisty black girl that had me in tears in the corner by the fence. She was shaking her ass in my face and talking like a man, and Wayne was great repaying a favor from Colleges bbq a few weeks back. Quite a night.

Red Sox Update: They picked up the weekend series with the Filthies, but still are 6 games behind the Spanks. The Wild Card looks to be the target, but im still convinced, Next year is This year. Manny is off the radar so far and Schilling is the man.

"You can't be afraid to slay the dragon."--Mark Messier, 1994

Maine-A-Mania: 4 days and counting.
Current TV: Raw


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