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Saturday, June 19, 2004

The Story of the Stanley Cup Picture

Whew. Worked at Fridays again..and that girl Ashlen fucked me over again. Should have gotten out around 930, but didnt until 10:30. That pisses me right off.

Tomorrow i close, which should be some sort of hell, but the beauty that is Natalie will soothe the wounds.

So after work i went on down to the Springhouse and met up with College, Josh, Cindy, Kate, Amy, Fries, his girl Lauren and three of her friends. And it was one of the best times out ive had in ages. No one seemed to realize that Foreigner sang "I wanna know what love is," but i knew, so its all good. Great night.

I've damn near had enough of everything. Work, school, life. It cant only get better though.

The Stanley Cup Picture Story

June 2000. Chester and I decided to fly to Toronto Ontario, Canada. Just to go to Canada was worth it in itself. But there were more important circumstances: The Stanley Cup. For those who are unaware, there are two copies of Lord Stanley's Cup. Normally the original would reside on Younge Street in downtown beautiful Toronto. But, we were there during the Stanley Cup Finals, so the main Cup was following the Dallas Stars and the New Jersey Devils throughout the Finals. A second replica waited for us in the Hall of Fame. Chester and I made no haste...the Cup was in our reach and we mus'nt make waste. We were in Canada for 1 hour before we made our way to the Hockey Hall of Fame to complete our journey to stand infront of The Holy Grail. We purchased our entrance pass into the grand Hall. We politely made our way through the hallowed Hall and through the brand new Wayne Gretzky exhibit. We paid our respects to the Greatest One. But fullfillment of our journey laid ahead. We followed our manual map to the treasured Trophy Room. The Ultimate Journey began at the steps. To our right, a team photo of the Dallas Stars rested, at that moment the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. A mere 2 days later, the New Jersey Devils team photo would occupy that glorious space. So, Chester and I took our first, yet final steps to see what every Canadian boy ever dreamed. My life's journey neared complete. We ascended the steps. I walked, with nervous trepidation, and entered the Trophy Room. I was nervous. More nervous than i had ever been. I entered the room, and there amongst the various hardware, by itself, under the lights, the centerpiece of the room and my journey in life, sat The Stanley Cup. All i could muster was a breft, "there it is," to my fellow traveler. I have read and heard stories of obscure people who have claimed to have met the Virgin Mary or our Lord Jesus Christ, and their descriptions of their encounters were no different than mine at that moment. Like a father seeing his newborn for the first time, i was completely mesmorized. We plunged into the cornucopia quivering with desire and the ecstasy of unbridled avarice. I was within reach of the Stanley Cup. The same trophy that Wayne Gretzky won four times. The trophy Gordie Howe, and Jean Beliveau, and Bobby Orr fought for. The same Cup that Scott Stevens, Martin Brodeur, Scott Neidermayer, Mario Lemieux, Mike Bossy, Guy Lafleur, Rocket Richard, Ted Lindsay, Patrick Roy, Steve Yzerman, Lanny MacDonald, and Larry Robinson spent their entire lives dedicated to attaining. Those greats, and i had the chance to be with the Ultimate Prize. I cautiously stepped forward and took the in the moment. There was only one thing to do. Get my picture taken with the Stanley Cup. I paid the $14 Canadian, and stood on the cusp of immortality. As i waited, i wrapped my arm around the podium, afraid to actually touch the Silver Grail. Unbeknownst to the guard, i slipped a few fingers onto the Cup. A flash, and my life was complete. Me and the Stanley Cup, captured in time forever. After that moment, nothing was the same ever again. The picture of me and the reason for existence hangs proudly on my wall. The culmination of the greatest trip ever taken.

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Coming Soon: The Final Post.


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