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Thursday, July 08, 2004

The food alone is worth the trip!

Maine A Mania came and went and it was quite interesting. Four and a half days spent in Maine with the Constein Clan getting eaten alive by mosquitos. Here are some of the highlights and/or lowlights of the trip:

-Van Ride From Hell: We set out at 9pm Friday night. 7 people crammed into a Quest with tons of luggage and groceries and a dog that shed more hair than previously thought possible. We were crammed into the Van from 9pm until 6am when we arrived in Maine. Then since we could not get into our place until 2. So we drove around in the van until 2 when we finally arrived and could enter the house.

-7 cases of beer consumed in 4 days. Molson Canadian, Miller Light, Bud Light, Corona and even a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon Pounders. That and we took to shots of Southern Comfort and Lime starting at 11:50am at one point. Every day consisted of waking up, screwing off, then getting loaded as the night ended.

-Gary the Insult Comic Man. Every day, i was barraged with a slew of classic insults from The Animal. Classic stuff, like did the doctor spank my mother when i was born, or does my hat have 4 corners on it as well, or questioning my baseball knowledge of Jim Thome's home run totals or the correct record keeping of the sacrifice fly.

-Whats Up!?: We ventured out to Bath, Maine, and Eric made his way thru the town wearing these great cop sunglasses yelling WHATS UP!? to every attractive girl that dared pass by. It became the catchphrase of trip, along with "say puppy!" and "the food alone is worth the trip", both via the classic comedy Almost Heroes.

Finally the trip ended with The Plane Ride From Hell. We got to the airport at 4:30 in time for our scheduled 5:15 flight. 4 delays later, we finally borded at about 9:10. It was a horrid wait with nothing to do while we waited thru each delay. Finally we got on the flight and there was a totally psychotic drunk New York skank who was trying to hook up with a guy she met in line. They sat in the back, and this guy realized what a bitch this girl was and told her to shut the fuck up, and she went nuts, crying and swearing, and yelling that she hoped the plane would crash. Then she said she would kick anyones ass who messed with her luggage, spilled her pills everywhere and tried to light up a cigarette. We went from supposed to being home at 8 all the way to after midnight. The perfect capper to the entire trip.

There were bright moments, like the ESPN NHL hockey tournament that Matt won, which included a 7 overtime thriller between College and Braud. The celebration woke up Gary who ran down in his boxers to see what the hell was going on. Seeing College piss drunk was a nice flashback to days of old, but his special brand of humor was a tad off putting, if you were there, you know what i mean.

So now i have 2 weeks to save up for Las Vegas. What a month.

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