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Sunday, September 18, 2005

ill never be your beast of burden, so lets go home..& draw the curtains, music on the radio...come on baby make sweet love to me

Nice few days. Friday went to Pittsburgh with some lovely ladies from that fish place. We picked up some dude that worked at the fish place and checked out the Pittsburgh Zoo. Ive never seen elephants, zebras, llamas, tigers, gazelles, giraffes or bears in person before, but i really had alot of fun.

Also, i got my driving priviledges back as of 7am saturday morning. I took off for work, and damn i miss driving. It was kinda wet out, so i couldnt fly thru the streets like i would have enjoyed.

The Red Sox are clinging to a 1.5 game lead over the NYY, but they should make the playoffs. The Patriots look better than ever, and the NHL starts in like 3 weeks, so im pretty happy with sports.

Current TV: Breakdown, starring Kurt Russell
Current Music: Beast of Burden, Stones
Current Mood: tomorrow is a day off biotch!


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