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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The quarterback's arm was....coming forward....

Just going through the motions. Havent been able to play hockey, but its over since we lost our playoff game this past sunday. Maybe i'll play next year maybe not. Its no fun.

Work still sucks. So many people there don't give a damn and are lazy. Certain people dont care about others, some dont do any work at all. Seems like this comes up every time i post, eh? My knee still is sore, dont know whats up with that.

On the bright side, im going to see The Rolling Stones in Hershey on October 1. Sure it might be 20 years too late, but ill be able to say ive been to the Rolling Stones, 20 years from now. They've completely sold out Hershey Stadium, and every other damn place they've scheduled. Few months away, but i cant wait. Yes!

Today is College Boys birthday. So we will drink. Plus its been 4 years since Doug Duncan died, so we will have to toast him in rememberance.

Current Mood: this place sucks.
Current Song: Brown Sugar


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