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Thursday, May 12, 2005

7lbs, 8oz

I dont think ive mentioned it here before, but my sister was pregnant for about 9months. Until today around 1pm. So now im an uncle. Tianna Rae Smith was ushered into this world shortly after 1 or so. Its pretty weird, seeing that ive been expecting it for around 4 months, but i guess nothing prepares you for when it happens. I got to see my neice and even hold her for a bit. Shes a cute kid. When i was holding her, her eyes just darted around noticing everything. But when she looked at me her eyes got wide as dinner plates, like i had snakes growing out of my head...haha. In any case, my parents are now grandparents and i'm Uncle Rich. Wow and Cool.

Afterwards, Fries Nancy and I went down to see the brand new Lancaster Barnstormers play their first game at Clipper Magazine Stadium. We didnt have tickets mind you, so we walked around the stadium and watched the ceremonies thru the outfield fence. Its pretty cool, you dont even need a ticket. You can just watch everything from the fence. After that we went down to GrienBriers and had a few drinks. Then back to Fries's truck and sat and drank booze for a few hours. While we were there we watched the city of Lancaster tow about 40 cars for illegal parking. Those guys had absolutely no remorse. They towed 3 cars at a time for almost 4 hours. Then we went to a sub shop and i had a nearly perfect Chicken Cheese stake. Back to Fries's truck for more beer and more tows. Then we walked up and noticed that the Clip opens the gates after the 7th inning stretch. So the three of us got to watch the 9th inning from some pretty sweet seats in left field. The seats were great, but let it be known that in the first game in Lancaster in about 40 years ended in a loss for the local boys, 4-3. It might be the start of a tradition, boozing in the parking lot and then going into the game after the 7th. Afterwards, we watched the hordes of people wonder where their collective cars went. After a while there were 2 older ladies that had to hang around and wait for a ride from the towers. They parked in the right spot, but the blind carjackers didnt realize. So the three of us waited for their safety until almost midnight. All in all it was a great time and i hope to do more of it in the future. Two new beginnings in one day is pretty cool.

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